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Project Description

Fun While Mowing



Having you ever thought of the effect that your average gas lawnmower has on the environment? Well we have!. It’s a rather easy problem to fix but not obvious to many. Did you know that lawnmowers contribute to nearly 7% of harmful total gas emissions in all the United States. We developed a solution that would reduce gas emission from the simple task of mowing your lawn by more that 70%.

With State subsidization and the help of local homeowners, we ran an endeavour to replace all gas lawnmowers by electric ones. Not all residents agreed because of the added cost of replacing your lawnmower but the majority agreed.


With over 90% of homeowners with lawns in the city of San Antonio that participated in the event, the majority replaced their lawnmowers. Gas emission from lawnmowers now hover at just below 2% of total gas emissions. That’s a reduction of 6% of unhealthy gas emissions. Not only that but an added benefit was a healthy reduction of noise pollution from switching to electric lawnmowers.

  • Reduction in gas emissions

  • Reduction of noise pollution

  • Healthy living

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